Lifestyle shot of six children sitting on a piece of driftwood outside a blue, wooden cabin, in Southwold, Suffolk. Shot by Norwich & London lifestyle photographer Matt Keal.
A lifestyle portrait of a blonde, curly-haired child sitting on a blonde, male's shoulders outside in the woods in the Suffolk countryside.
Wide angle portrait photoshoot of a girl with curly red hair standing in the sand dunes at Southwold beach in Norfolk.
A family of four crouching down in the woods for a family photoshoot in Suffolk, East Anglia.
A close-up of three silver wedding or engagement rings on a wooden table for a brand product photoshoot in a Norwich photography studio.
A bottle of wine and a glass from above, surrounded by rosemary and other garnishes on a wooden table.
A wide shot of a collection of about 20 pieces of pottery arranged on a wooden table with serviettes, cutlery and limes.
Lifestyle photography of a child swimming underwater and blowing bubbles out of her mouth with eyes closed in a swimming pool at a Hoseasons Holidays resort.
Plates with slices of cake with glazed strawberries on top are arraged on a table with a table cloth. Fresh strawberries and cutlery are also on the table.
A close-up product shot of a pair of Ray-Ban style sunglasses on a bright, white background in a photography studio in Norwich.
A lady with her eyes closed is wearing a bobble hat, draped in a blanket and holding a metal mug. She is standing in front of a lake in Cumbria, UK, which is surrounded by mountains and trees.
A black and white image of a young boy and a girl who are blowing the seeds from a dandelion on a sandy beach in Norfolk. Their parents are out of focus in the background.
A family sitting around the dining table eating their dinner and being served by an older man with the sun shining over his shoulder during a lifestyle photoshoot in London, UK.
A wide-angle shot of the interior of a period property in Norfolk which has an iron bed frame with floral bedding, wooden floorboards, and white painted doors.
Two glasses of Norfolk Gin on a marble table,  garnished with rosemary sprigs and blood orange. Product photography for Norfolk Gin.
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